The ugly scratches

29 January 2023


So I bought myself these glasses. Because I thought I only had one pair off my favorite Ray Ban glasses and I thought that might not be enough, because those are like sportish looking ones. So I needed kind of lady, feminine glasses as well. So, I was traveling, don't remember from where to where and it was that, you know, stand glasses stand in the airport, and I kin d of iked one of the glasses that I saw. Those were black Michael Kors glasses with kind of chainy looking ornament on the top. I liked them. I tried them on and I was like, well, that's a that's not a bad fit. “they look good on me” I said and so I got them. I think several months after I realized that they already got badly scratched. It made me very sad and upset and I was angry at myself that I didn't protect the glass and now I was annoyed and I couldn't wear them anymore as comfortably as I used to. And it was just one thing that popped in my head: in all this, you know ruminating about why the glasses got scratched and so on, a voice inside me told me that “Gunay they got scratched because you did not like them all that much”. And I didn't want to look this truth in the eye. Because “but I bought them myself it wasn't a gift that I didn't like or anything”. Yeah. Yes, still. Still if you liked them as much as you liked your Ray Ban glasses, they would have not gotten scratched. I think that it's pretty much the same with so many other things and even not things, such as people and relationships and opportunities in our lives. Something gets scratched, lost, or destroyed, it’s because we didn't give it as much value as we should have given to keep it, to protect it to still have it in our life unscratched or you know have it in our life at all. and I think that my anger kind of went away. Due to this realization. Because I think next time when I choose a pair of glasses, you know a bag or as a matter of fact the relationship or anything, I will ask myself a fair question: do I like it enough to protect it? To make sure it doesn't have those ugly scratches on it and if I end up, you know still with things that are spoiled and scratched and destroyed then the answer is clear if you liked it enough you would not not let that happen.