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Kids are the biggest and the most imporant inspiration behind You Will Speak. 

The famous quote says "children are one third of our population and all of our future" We are responsible and caring about educating children and thus our General English course for kids from 5 till 16 years old encompasses  progressive learning with entertainment, gamification, and discovery! Our TESOL trained teachers do their best job to teach children exactly the way they learn the fastest and the deepest!

Course Properties:  We aim at reaching 1 - 1.5 levels during one academic year, thus 8 months. For example, if student joins the course with an early elementary level in September, they will graduate the course in May as stronf pre-intermediate or even eary intermediate. The classes are held twice a week, each class lasts for 80 minutes We have  2 to 5 people in each group and usually never more than that. Free conversation clubs are included in the fee 2 of which are mandatory every week. Get in touch with our consultants to learn the pricing for the individual classes
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