Communication Confidence Marathon Material

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Communication Confidence Marathon Material is aimed at helping become a way better communicator and also improve your English! Here are the topics of the marathon: 

1.Positive connection from the first word! 
2. Building a pleasant dialog and keep it going 
3. "Don't ask don't tell" rules. Social norms. 
4. Common Phrases and words you must know 
5.Texting Ethics and humor ethics
6 Introduce yourself professionally! 
7. Business mindset and mentality foundations. Work ethics do's and don'ts
 8. Business meetings. Negotiate and convince 
9. Speaking to your boss and colleagues foundations 
10. Handle it with pride! Interviews of any sorts Business Communication Material and techniques support
11 Listening resources and usage tips 
12. Speech development techniques 

Also, writing and Reading resources for confident usage!
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Communication Confidence Marathon Material

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